Wuthering Heights

Wuthering heights – A novel with full of gothic elements and that will make you feel scared sometimes. So guys, what do you think? Is it a story of love or is it a story of revenge? Well what if I say it tells both about love and revenge? Yes, Initially we will see the love blossoming between the two love birds, but later in the novel we will see the revenge coming out, revenge for all the insults faced. So let’s start with the the story and unfold the mystery.

This novel is a series of narratives which are themselves told to the narrator, Lockwood. He rented a house, Thrushcross Grange in  Yorkshire and he gradually realized that it is not any ordinary place . It must be having some history. He asks the housekeeper, Nelly Dean about the history of two families and about horrified scenery of this place.

Nelly remembers her childhood, as a girl she worked in Wuthering Heights as a servant of its landowner, Mr. Earnshaw. Mr. Earnshaw had two children, Hindley and Catherine, and later he adopted a boy named Heathcliff. Earlier Hindley and Catherine didn’t liked the orphan boy but later Catherine fall in love with Heathcliff and soon they both grew inseparable and started spending more time with each other. On the other hand, Hendley’s hatred for Heathcliff was increasing day by day as he was becoming dear of Earnshaw. Earnshaw even sent Hindley away to college. And when Earnshaw dies, Hindley comes with his wife, Frances to claim Wuthering Heights.

Wuthering Heights

Now here comes another family of Lintons living in Thrushcross Grange. The Lintons had two children, Edgar and Isabella, who were very cultured unlike inhabitants of Wuthering Heights. Later in the novel, we see Catherine becoming closer to Edgar Linton and spending less time with Heathcliff. Heathcliff on seeing Catherine’s odd behaviour flees from Wuthering Heights and live away for three years. Catherine, for her social advancement marries Edgar Linton. Frances, wife of Hindley dies after giving birth to a baby boy Hareton.


Heathcliff returns Wuthering Heights to seek revenge on all who have done wrong to him. Hindley becomes ill and later dies and once he die, Heathcliff inherits his manor. He also marries Isabella Linton so that later he can inherit Thrushcross Grange. Now he starts behaving very cruelly with Isabella so she runs to London and give birth to a boy, Linton. On the other hand, Catherine becomes ill, she gave birth to a daughter and died. Heathcliff requested her to remain on earth with him as a spirit, even if it might be haunting, but he still wanted her.   

Wuthering Heights

The story is quite complicated. I agree to that. But once you start reading it, you will be lost in their world. So, lets talk about the second generation that comes now, Hareton, Linton and young  Catherine, how their path meet each other. Now after thirteen years pass, Young Catherine becomes beautiful like her mother. Later she meets Hareton and plays together with him. Soon Isabella dies and Linton also comes from London to live with them. Now Heathcliff behaves very rudely with his own son, Linton. Catherine meets Linton and their secret romance starts. But was it actually a romance? No. It was a plan of Heathcliff that once Young Catherine marries Linton, her legal property, Thrushcross Grange will then become his legal property and his revenge on Edgar will be complete. Later Catherine was forced to marry Linton. Soon after their marriage Linton dies and Heathcliff treats young Catherine as the servant.


Wuthering Heights

Nelly’s story comes to an end in the present. Later at the end we see that Young Catherine fall in love with Hareton as they lived together. Heathcliff became obsessed with the spirit of elder Catherine, he even started talking to her spirit. Later Heathcliff died and Young Catherine and Hareton inherited Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange.

So here comes the end of the story. Its an amazing story with both the feeling of love and revenge explained and executed so beautifully in the novel. One should definitely read this masterpiece and this novel is also a perfect example of Gothic Fiction.

About the Author

Emily Bronte (1818 – 1848), was one of the greatest writer of her times. She produced the most distinctive novels in literature world and she also contributed to the poetry world by giving some of the greatest poetry. Wuthering Heights is one of those great works given by her. Although Wuthering Heights is one of the greatest classic literature, but it was very controversial when it got published because of its unusual depiction of mental and physical cruelty and it also challenged strict rules and ideals of Victorian society. But today, it is known as one of the best novel.


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