Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice

Hello Guys! Today I am going to give you the insight of the most renowned novel, the novel about love, pride and prejudice, all shown at the same time. Isn’t it one of the unique theme, to show all three different feelings at the same time. Pride And Prejudice is a novel that talks about the journey of love. Though it has many elements of love, but it also has a lot to say about social classes and about women during Regency Period. So let’s discuss about this bestelling novel, Pride And Prejudice.

Pride And Prejudice

The novel largely centers around Bennet family, Mr. Bennet, Mrs. Bennet, and their five daughters namely- Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. At the very beginning of the novel we come to know about the mentality of Mrs. Bennet, or we can say that Jane Austen tries to show the mentality of all women of Regency Period(specially mothers). Mrs. Bennet was in search of good and wealthy husbands for her daughters so that they don’t have to face the life of poverty. Her search ended when Mr. Bingley with his sister and with his friend Mr. Darcy.  became their new Neighbour. Now the new task for Mrs. Bennet was to develop relation with Mr. Bingley so that he can marry one of her sisters.  Though Mr. Bingley was well received in the society, but on the other hand, Mr. Darcy maintained the distance with country people.

Now what next? Mrs. Bennet’s dream almost comes true when Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet began to grow close. And on the other other hand, Elizabeth Bennet was shocked by rude behaviour and by pride of Mr. Darcy after his rejection at local dance, and Elizabeth decided to match his coldness with her prejudice. And here comes the significance of the title. We are now going to witness Pride of Mr. Darcy and Prejudice of Elizabeth.

Pride And Prejudice

Now here I want to Introduce another important character of the novel, Mr. Wickham, military officer who had a long history with Mr. Darcy. That history would be unfolded at the end of the novel. Elizabeth begins friendship with Mr. Wickham and wickham started blaming Mr. Darcy for everything and he worsened the image of Mr. Darcy in the eyes of Elizabeth.

Now here comes the twist in the story. Darcy somehow found himself falling in love with Elizabeth, and guys! you know it very well that the feeling of love is unstoppable. Now another twist comes when Mr. Bingley left Jane without saying anything, making Elizabeth more convinced that Bingley’s sister had conspired with Darcy to separate Jane And Bingley.

Now here enters again a new and important character of the novel, Mr. Collins, a distant relative of Bennets who made an unexpected visit. He was recently employed as the clergyman by the wealthy lady, Catherine de Bourgh. Now he came at Bennet’s place with an intention to marry one of the Bennet sister. Once he got to know that Jane had been engaged with Mr. Bingley and when Elizabeth refused his proposal, he proposed Elizabeth’s close friend, Charlotte Lucas, who immediately accepted and married him.

Later in the novel, Elizabeth joined Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins at his parish in Kent. Once Elizabeth was invited by Lady Catherine, to her shock, she found Mr. Darcy at Lady Catherine’s place. But this time, Mr. Darcy was really soft, humble and behaved completely like a gentleman with her. And we already know the reason behind this change, yes guys, love. Love can change anything. Very soon, Mr. Darcy confessed his love to Elizabeth but Elizabeth refused his proposal stating that she don’t trust him as he was the only one who separated Jane and Bingley and he was also the culprit of Wickham.

Pride And Prejudice

Next What? Mr. Darcy sent one letter to her justifying all her blames. He wrote in the letter that he do wanted Jane And Bingley to get separated but it was only because he thought that they were not serious with this relation. As for Wickham, he informed Elizabeth that he was liar and the real cause of his disagreement was Wickham’s attempt to elope with his younger sister, Georgiana Darcy.

Now as the things were getting better and as Elizabeth started seeing Darcy in a good light, she received another news that Her sister Lydia eloped with Wickham. Later as the novel progresses, Wickham and Lydia were found and wickham agreed to marry Lydia officially after some exchange of money. Then Elizabeth realized that it was Darcy who helped her family and found Wickham and gave him money to marry Lydia. Elizabeth was delighted on knowing this.

Pride And Prejudice

Now even after the refusal of Lady Catherine, Darcy proposed Elizabeth and she accepted it with the great pleasure. At the end we see Jane – Bingley, and Darcy – Elizabeth living happily together.

So here we come to a conclusion that Darcy’s pride was not appropriate and Elizabeth’s prejudice was not justified. Elizabeth realized that  she was wrong in her prejudice against Darcy and that he Was actually a man with selfless and kind soul. Darcy also realized his proud in judging Elizabeth and her family. Once they saw each other’s real nature, only then they realized what love is and, thus, they achieved happiness together. So only those characters achieved real happiness who actually preferred love over money. So This shows the mind set of our great novelist Jane Austen. She too preferred love over the money.

About the Author

Jane Austen (1755  – 1817) was an English novelist know for her famous six novels. Pride and prejudice was her second novel and thereafter she achieved success as a published writer. Pride and Prejudice was initially titled as “First Impressions”. A widely read now as it was then, this novel is undoubtedly one of the best work of Jane Austen and A classic example of English Literature.

Hereby I am attaching this video to help you better understand the crux of the novel.

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