Lucky Jim

Lucky Jim

Hello readers! Here I am going to talk about one of my favourite novel – Lucky Jim. This novel is hilarious in a way that it talks about various aspects of human behaviour and  some scenes of the novel will make you laugh really hard. So guys! Lets start talking about this novel but with a question. Have you ever fought to keep your job by attempting to charm your boss who might be really unpleasant? Well, our today’s hero would be doing that. Lets now talk about the plot of the novel – Lucky Jim.

Lucky Jim

Jim Dixon, the protagonist, teaches history at English Provincial University. At the moment, he is on his probationary period. He already has made bad impression on his colleagues from the very beginning. As we will read the incidents that made Dixon’s impression bad, we will be laughing out so hard. These incidents are really funny and hilarious, but these incidents make the life of Dixon more difficult. Dixon knew that his senior, absent – minded professor, Welch is going to decide his fate, whether he is going to continue to teach at that university or not. It was more expected that he could be fired from the job at the end of term next month. Fearful of making further bad impressions on the faculties, he decides to spend the next weekend with the professor, Welch. Now here going to start the fight for Dixon to keep his job. Is he going to be successful or will he be forced to leave his job? Let’s have look.

Lucky Jim

One weekend, Welch invites Dixon to organize Musical evening. This is a time for Dixon to make a good impression on Welch. But unfortunately, there he meets his ex-girlfriend, Margeret, who attempted suicide because of her failed love affair. Dixon was never truly in love with her and he always wanted to escape from this relationship. So her presence in that evening made Dixon a bit uncomfortable. There also came professor’s son Bertrand, with Christine Kellegen.  After some meetings with Christine, Dixon realizes that he is attracted towards Christine, who is far less pretentious than she initially appears.

Dixon’s growing intimacy with Christine infuriates Bertrand, who is just using her to reach her well established relatives and to get a job from them. Once Dixon sees Bertrand misbehaving with Christine at an annual dance, so he takes her home in a taxi. For the readers’ delight, they kiss for the first time and then start dating each other. Christine admits that she feels really guilty because of Dixon’s supposed relationship with Margaret and finally Christine asks Dixon to stay away from her. The two then mutually decides not to see each other again, but that day ends with the quarrel between Dixon and Bertrand.

The novel, Lucky Jim soon reaches its climax while Dixon delivers public lecture on “Merrie England” which he was seen preparing at the very beginning of the novel. He tries to calm himself by drinking too much, he caps his uncertain performance by denouncing the university culture of arty pretentiousness. Professor Welch informs Dixon that he has been fired and his probation period has been ended. Isn’t it disappointing guys? What next? Now here comes the importance of the title of the novel – Lucky Jim. Why is he really lucky if he has been fired?

Here comes the relaxing part for the readers. Christine’s uncle offers Dixon the job of assisting him in London. Later, Dixon also realizes on meeting Margaret’s ex-boyfriend that she has been lying and her suicidal attempt was fake as a piece of emotional blackmail.

Feeling free of Margaret at last, Dixon got a call from Christine and she requests him to meet for the last time as she leaves for London. There again comes a shocking revelation for Dixon, Christine left Bertrand as he was having an affair with the wife of one of Dixon’s former colleagues. They finally decides to leave for London together, and then walk off arm in arm, outraging the Welches as they pass on the street. So what do you think guys? Isn’t he really lucky?Yes he definitely is. He got the best of the job and the love of his life.

About The Author

Sir Kingsley William Amis (1922-1995) was an English Novelist, Poet, Critic and also a Teacher. He wrote more than 20 novels along with the work of a social and literary criticism. He is the finest of the comic novelist of the twentieth century. In 2008, The Times ranked him ninth on their list of 50 to British writers of Twentieth Century. Lucky Jim was his first novel and it was the most famous, award winning, satirizing the academic life of some unseen university. Lucky Jim won 1955  Somerset Maugham Award for fiction. Time Magazine included Lucky Jim in its Time 100 best English novels from 1923-2005. This novel has been described as the funniest novel of the Twentieth Century.

Guys here I am sharing this video with you so that this novel can be more clear to you.

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