Hellstrom's Hive

Hellstrom's Hive

Have you ever read any of the work by Frank Herbert? Well if yes, then you must be knowing about his writing style, which is very different from many other authors. He has this odd style of telling a story in third person narrative and yet showing every character’s thought process as if it is a first person narrative. Hellstrom’s Hive is inspired by a short documentary film “The Hellstrom chronicle” in which a scientist  Nils Hellstrom explains that insects are going to rule the earth in the coming future.

So guys, have you ever compared yourself with any insect? Or have you thought as to what if insects rule the world and insects rule on us, humans? If you haven’t thought of it till now, then this book will force you to think of it. And each and every page of this fiction will bring a question to your mind “ What if?”.

In this novel, the USA turned into police state and agency that secretly controls the life of humans received an information through their agent(scattered all over) about the mysterious ‘Project 40’. Agency thinks that Dr. Hellstrom is developing a secret weapon. So agency sends some of their agents to check out about this secret mission of Dr. Hellstrom. But do you think it is that easy? No.. The agents sent by the agency started disappearing. Other agents who are ready for anything are sent and slowly they discover that it is something more than the secret weapon. They discovered that his farm is like a tip of iceberg. In fact, it conceals a hive build underground, where they are creating society of humans, humans that seemed more like insects. Interesting right? Now how to deal with this? This seems to be more scary than any weapon.


If we see this story with the perspective of Hellstrom, then we will realize that he is trying to save the human race. He tried to create a Utopian society, a society free of fear, anger and jealousy. A society where everyone is peaceful and happy and where everyone works in harmony with each other. This perfect society is the only way to save human race.

Hellstrom's Hive

People underneath there  are genetically bred and modified, injected with hormones. These hiveborns believe that all the humans outside from their world are dangerous and undomesticated. In Hellstrom’s Hive there is no unemployement, no illness and no selfishness. According to Dr. Hellstrom, insects can much better reproduce and can grow rapidly. One time will come when these hives will be ruling the country.

What only thing that was lacking in this novel is climax. Its climax is a little abrupt. In the end, in this brutal cold war, both sides claim their own victory and they try to make themselves more stronger to survive and to win.


I would strongly suggest that if you get any copy of Hellstrom’s Hive, then you must read it. I have read many novels of Frank Herbert and it is probably one of the best. He explains characters and the setting in such a wonderful way that everything will seems to you very realistic.

About The Author

Franklin Pattrick Herbert (1920 – 1986) was an American science fiction writer. Herbert used his science fiction novels to explore complex ideas involving philosophy, religion, psychology and many different facets of society. The main thing about his novels was that he talked about human evolution and their survival. He was one of the greatest writer of science fiction. And if you have some sort of interest in science fiction, then you must read his other books as well.

I will be giving overview of his other novels, like dune, in my later posts.


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Hellstrom's Hive