Gone Girl

Gone Girl – The novel that has the power to make you hate the word ‘Marriage’. Yes! You got me right. This novel is all about the marriage, marriage that really became worst with time. Guys, Have you ever thought of the couple who are plotting evil for each other and trying to win these evil games? If you haven’t met such couples yet, then, here we are going to meet them.

Nick Dunne, a former writer who later became a bar owner and a college professor because he lost his job. He was grown up in Missouri and he would be seen returning to the same place in the very starting of the novel to take care of his ill mother. Nick was thirty four and was struggling with his feelings of failure. He had never seen a happy marriage. As I told you earlier, that his own marriage was gone wrong, but the more disappointing thing was his parents’ unhappy marriage. He could never feel love, neither in his parents’ marriage nor in his own marriage.

 Amy Elliott Dunne, the only child of two wealthy psychologists, was grown up in New York. She always had a slight celebrity status. She was really beautiful, manipulative and intelligent. She had always been in an impression that she is beautiful and charismatic enough to ensure sympathy of others. She had always been sure to get what she wants.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl
Gone Girl

Aren’t they two opposite personalities, one who was struggling with his failures and, the girl who had always been confident for her beauty and intelligence. Wondering as to how they met each other? Okay now let us talk about their love, love that later turned into a beautiful marriage, and that marriage later turned into wrong doings.

Amy and Nick met at a party. Both were living in New York, and gladly both were writers. They both fall in deep love with each other and got married after two years. At the beginning their marriage was going perfect, but things started falling apart when they lost their jobs. So what actually happened between them? And what is all about the title of this book “Gone Girl”? These questions will be coming in your mind from the very starting of the novel. Later the story will unfold.

They both were unhappy with each other, and Nick started an affair with a 23 year old student. The twist in the story comes here. Nick didn’t even realized that Amy knew about his on-going affair. Now what this wife did to take revenge from her cheating husband? She staged for her own disappearance and framed Nick as the murderer. So according to the plan, Amy disappeared at their fifth anniversary and as the story unfolds, this lost investigation turned into murder investigation. And it was a wonderful plan. You know why? Because Nick really became suspect in the eyes of police and in the eyes of their family and friends.

Gone Girl

Again comes the twist in the story. Nick also was engaged in some other plot against Amy. Nick gradually realized about the plan of Amy. And what he really did? He convinced Amy through television interviews that he is culprit and that she won this game of plotting. According to plan of Nick, Amy reappeared framing that one of his college old friend kidnapped her.

Both compete with each other to make their story true. But both of them were lying and were trying to make everyone believe of their lies. They both started writing a book on their own stories, but at the end of the story, readers and Nick came to know that Amy is pregnant with their child. Hearing this, Nick destroys all his stories and agreed to stay with her just to protect his child and later Amy published her own story hoping for the best seller.

It is a psychological thriller, that will make you so confused with its story. This novel contains chapters, some narrated by husband Nick, and some by Amy. And as we were talking that both were lying and they create an air of confusion as to who is telling the truth. This unreliability of the narrators will force you to constantly analyse all the situations and information given by them and you yourself would be left to determine who is antagonist and who is protagonist.

About the Author

Gillian Flynn (1971) is an American Writer. She has published three novels till now, Sharp Objects, Dark Places, and Gone Girl, all these novels later being adapted for a film. Gone Girl (movie) was released in 2014. This novel also was No. 1 on the New York Times Hardcover fiction bestseller for eight weeks.

You must read this masterpiece, as it has all the thriller elements that you might be expecting from it, and it will bind you with its twisting story.


Gone Girl


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