Auntie Mame

Anyone out there who does not have interest in comic fiction? Rarely there is anyone who does not like it. But even if someone has not much interest in comic literature, then also he must read this amazing book. Auntie mame is the most funniest and best comic novel I have come across till time. Even if we go by the reviews of this book, this book is known to be the best comic book written by American. Now let us have a look into its pages to know more.

Mame Dennis, an adoring women, is the guardian, any child would love to have. She is a free spirit bachelorette in new York city. She is someone who can be the inspiration for anyone as to how to live the life with the fullest.

Auntie Mame

So here comes the story. In 1928 Edwin dennis completed his last will and testament in which he mentioned that after his death his son, Patrick will be taken care by his sister , Mame Dennis under the eye of banker, Dwight Babcock.

After the death of Edwin, Pattrick became orphan at the age of 10 and when he arrived at his aunt’s home with his maid, he find himself in the party. And as Mame realises that he is her nephew, she invites him to join the party. Later Mame instructs Pattrick to write all the new words he hear from her. This task is to increase his vocabulary. And she promises Pattrick that she will help him to live his life in a way he would have never imagined.


Auntie Mame

The novel later focuses on the development of relation of Auntie Mame with her nephew. And as every relation has ups and downs so there relation also goes through many ups and downs. But it is for sure that after going through all odds, relations become more stronger. So Pattrick liked his aunt sometimes so much that he started idolizing her but at some other times he really got shocked and distracted by her behavior. But even after all bad coming out of their way, they both always helped each other and their love for each other was never altered. She did her best to make Pattrick a better human and to make his life in anyway better.


About the author

Pattrick Dennis was an American Author. His novel Auntie Mame – was one of the bestselling novel of this century. Dennis based the character of Auntie Mame on his real life aunt, Marion Tanner. It is one of the best comic novel of all times and if you ever get a time then you must read it.

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