Me Before You

Me Before You – As the title itself clearly speak out that it is the story of two lovers, who cares for each other like anything. But life had something else to offer, which they had to accept. This is a story which will make you fall in love with love. And here I will tell what is in its pages that will make you so helpless that you will not be able to hold your tears.

Louisa clark, heroine of the story, lost her job and was searching for a new job. She was a directionless and whimsical woman who spent her whole adulthood in searching and changing of jobs. Louisa is not seen to be so adventurous, she even fears to come out of her small town. She lives with her mother, and she sometimes  feels overshadowed by her younger sister because she is outgoing and daring and talkative.

Will Traynor, hero of the story, was intelligent and wealthy guy, with full of spirit. But his destiny had something else in its pocket. He had an accident with a motorcycle and he became paralyzed. This accident left him quadriplegic. He had many doctor appointments and constant suffering. But there was no cure for his disease. He was so frustrated with his life as he lost his girlfriend and the most important, his old life. He was such a fun loving guy who lived to the extreme, going to exotic places and climbing mountains. He even tried to take his life but his parents stopped him and his mother Camilla Traynor asked him to give only six months to them. And the great son accepted it.

me before you

Now, you must be thinking that how their path crossed or how they met.. Isn’t it? Well now I am eager to tell you that. As I told you earlier that Will became paralysed and he gave his six months to his mother. So now what his mother was supposed to do with those six months? She hired a caretaker for him, who she thought can change Will’s mind of going to Switzerland and giving his life there. And who that caretaker was? Yes, you guessed it right! She was clark. And here comes the love angle in the story. A girl with no ambition and with no adventure met a guy who was so adventurous and ambitious.


Gradually with time Louisa and Will started sharing a bond over the stories they shared with each other. Later Louisa realised the purpose of her hiring for this job. She overheard the conversation of Camilla and Will’s sister about his suicide attempt. She then felt devastated and  decided to quit the job. But Camilla requested her to stay as she was the only hope for them. So Louisa stayed and continued as a caretaker of Will and decided to change Will’s mind. She tried to show Will that life is still worth living. And then, love blossoms. Yes, Lousia and Will started feeling for each other. Louisa took Will out on more outings. Will too encourages Louisa to lead an adventurous life which he himself cannot lead anymore. Both tries to work on weak points of each other and both tries to help each other in all way they could. This is what we call a true love. Right guys?

me before you

Later in the story, they went on a trip to Mauritius and there, Louisa confessed her love for Will. But Will didn’t shared his feeling and remained silent. She also confessed that she is aware that he is going to die through Dignitias. Will then too confessed his love for her but also said that he cannot spend his whole life on a wheel chair.

With this, Louisa resigns and locks herself in a room. Louisa later visits Will, the day before he was going to Switzerland to end his life. They both confessed that last six months were the best of their life. After his death, Louisa received a large sum of money from Will for rest of her life. Novel ended with a letter from Will in which he asked Lousia to not think of him too much and to “live well”.

What a wonderful story it is. This novel portrays different colors of love. It shows that love should be our strength and we should not make it our weakness. And it also shows the will power of Will who was so firm with his decision of giving up his life.

About the Author

English Author and the Journalist Jojo Moyes (1969)  is one of few writers to have won twice  the Romantic Novel of the year award. Her one of the best novel Me Before You hit the New York Times bestseller top ten chart in 2016. This book was also nominated for Book of the year at the UK Galaxy Book awards.

It is definitely a must read book.


me before you

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